GCSE 2015 Reform… The story so far.

“I have therefore decided that GCSEs should be comprehensively reformed, building on the work that Ofqual has already done to strengthen the qualification….”.

An extract from the letter from Michael Gove (February 2013) to Glenys Stacey
(Chief Executive,Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) which set about the changes we are about to experience from September 2015.

The full letter can be read here: Letter from Gove

The new section and its related sections will highlight (hopefully in plain english) the key points that will affect you (student, parent, guardian, carer, teacher…) from September 2015.  If you are good at Mathematics, you will realise it will affect Year 9 students or younger (from academic year 2014/15).

It is important to note that these changes will not affect the current Year 10 and Year 11 students.

Essentially, the new changes apply to first teaching of GCSE Mathematics September 2015, with the first public examination in the Summer of 2017.

The new section can be found at GCSE Mathematics 2015

Pearson/Edexcel have prepared quick guide to the Reforms GCSE 2015 Quick Guide

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