Pearson Edexcel Awards Algebra Level 3

One of the courses that was trialed last year (2014) was the Algebra Level 3 course designed by Edexcel.  It is intended to bridge the algebra gap between GCSE and A level content.  Having trialed it with a small group of high ability students, the majority of whom are now studying A level Mathematics, their view on the benefits is detailed below:

  • Improved confidence of higher algebra within GCSE which enabled them to secure their best grade.
  • Gave them an insight into more challenging and abstract algebra to make a more informed decision on whether to continue onto A level Mathematics.
  • Starting at a more secure point within the first core module.
  • More confidence amongst their peers who did not extend their studies at GCSE.
  •  An increased passion in the subject.

This year (2015) this course will be used to primarily boost confidence and hence the final attainment within a whole class at GCSE.

This is the contents of this course which will consume one term: Algebra Level 3 Overview

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