The New 9-1 Grading System

One of the biggest visible changes will be the new grading system 9-1 which will replace the A* to G system.  Although these new numeric grades won’t appear on an examination certificate until August 2017, be rest assured that students and parents will be exposed to these from September 2015 through school reporting systems.  The hope being that by 2017 we will all be less frustrated by this seemingly needless change.

There seem to be two main justifications emerging.  Firstly a move away from the ‘elephant in the room’ state of targeting the magical “C grade”.  I strongly believe that this will be replaced (in time) by the magical 4 or 5 grade!  The second more plausible justification is that if the bar has to raised higher we can simply add an “11” and then keep going.  With the current system they already added the STAR to once unattainable A grade.  Whatever the reason, it is arriving September 2015.

The split between the tiers will be as follows:

Higher Tier                       9 to 4 (3 allowed)

Foundation Tier              5 to 1

You will notice there is an overlap on grades 4 and 5.


The current grades are anchored (aligned) to the new grades as follows:

9 will be the highest

7 will be anchored to A

4 will be anchored to C

5 will be set between C and B (closer to B)

1 will be the lowest and anchored to G



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