Just had to post this.. Al-Gebra and Weapons of Math Instruction

I colleague tagged me into this post on another social media platform! Hilarious but quite apt! Al-Gebra and weapons of Math Instruction has never been more of threat than it is now with the new GCSE 2015 specification! Watch your children and keep them safe! For more information go to Weapons of Math Instruction Feed … Continue reading Just had to post this.. Al-Gebra and Weapons of Math Instruction


Pearson Edexcel Awards Algebra Level 3

One of the courses that was trialed last year (2014) was the Algebra Level 3 course designed by Edexcel.  It is intended to bridge the algebra gap between GCSE and A level content.  Having trialed it with a small group of high ability students, the majority of whom are now studying A level Mathematics, their view on the benefits is … Continue reading Pearson Edexcel Awards Algebra Level 3

Large Question Bank

Another new section under the #Resources section is the Large Question Bank.  In this section you will find a variety of resources (more will be added) which will help you practice, practice and practice.  There are questions for KS3 and KS4.. I'm still looking for a suitable KS5 resource. To aid your practicing you may … Continue reading Large Question Bank

The Big 50… GCE Mathematics

Quite often students say.. "I don't know what to revise!" Well the first step is to establish what they actually need to know.. below are a collection of resources that will help highlight the key areas within the key areas with GCE Mathematics... The Big 50 C1 The Big 50 C2 The Big 50 C3 … Continue reading The Big 50… GCE Mathematics

GCSE Mathematics Past Examination Papers!

As part of our drive to make education more accessible to all concerned (students, parents/guardians, teachers) the NEW page section #Resources¬†will include a whole range of GCSE assessment resources, including GCSE past papers to help support students. The first NEW section is for GCSE Mathematics Past Papers. ¬†This section includes PDF's of all papers on … Continue reading GCSE Mathematics Past Examination Papers!